Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pathways Systems and Your Internet Connection

Recently we discovered that intermittent problems that some PATHWAYS COMPASS users had been experiencing for more than a week had been caused by serious issues at an Internet service provider that connected them with our data center. Those problems have now been resolved, but we're on the lookout for similar problems should they occur.

If you have a problem while using Pathways systems, please contact our support team at 866-818-1032 Option Two, or by clicking the blue help button within PATHWAYS COMPASS. We'll check first to see if we're having a technical problem, and if so we'll address it as quickly as possible. If we think the issue may be Internet related, we may work with you to check your connection using the following Internet sites and tools.

Internet Traffic Information

The Internet Traffic Report monitors the flow of data around the world. Use links on the site's main page to drill down and see whether there are problems with Internet providers in your area.

Visit DSL Reports to see how your Internet provider rates when compared with others in your area. Visit the site's forums to find out if other customers are currently reporting problems.

Internet Testing Tools

The following tools allow you to test the quality of your Internet connection. Problems with Internet connections between your computer and our servers can cause our systems to appear to hang or fail to save data you have entered.

If our support team thinks a problem you are having while using our systems might be caused by issues with your Internet connection, we may ask you to perform one or more of these tests and share the results with us.

Ping Plotter. The download links for the free edition are at the bottom of the page. Ping Plotter is an easy to use network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool that collects Internet connection data (over a period of hours, days or weeks) and then graphically shows problems in a way that shortens the time it takes to pinpoint the exact cause of an issue.

DSL Reports Online Tools. The most helpful tests here are the speed tests and the line quality test.

Earlier this year, Pathways contracted with WebSitePulse, a testing firm, to continuously check our servers and immediately notify us of any service interruptions. Click here to see the firm's latest report on our servers, which is updated every three minutes. We are proud to serve our users and we are committed to providing them with up to date information that helps them do their jobs. If you have any questions or concerns about our work, please contact us at 866-818-1032.

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