Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pathways Announces the New Pathways Training Website

Beginning May 1, 2013 PATHWAYS COMPASS Users will be able to access the new Pathways Training Website.

Pathways has been in the process of assisting users with the ability to get quicker and timelier access to training. We are excited that we have had the Confidentiality & Best Practices tutorial online for users to access 24/7. With this initial success we have completed the pilot New User Training online tutorial and are ready to provide to all of our PATHWAYS COMPASS Users. We are in the process of adding Reports, Agency Admin, and Data Quality to our online tutorial library as well

To give Users an easier way of accessing these tutorials, Pathways is introducing the new Pathways Training website. This page will allow you to access all instructor led trainings and tutorials that are currently available (eventually all core trainings will be available as a tutorial).

You can access this new training page at

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pathways Announces the Release of V5.17.01

This release includes the following new functions:

Financial Cash and the Financial Non-Cash Benefits pages

When a user attempts to Save a record after answering "No" to each individual income or benefit category, the system will display a pop up message stating that at least one category must be answered "Yes." This applies to both Finance pages accessed via the Finance menu, and those that are accessed via the Program Update page.

Housing Status Descriptions

These now match on the General Information page, the Program Update page, Program Entry and Program Exit , and the applicable reports and exports.

Program Update Page

A validity check has been added which prevents a user from setting Chronically Homeless to "Yes" if Disabling Condition is set to "No". This matches the check on the General Information page.

Special Needs Page

Using the "Set every need to No" button at the top of the page and then setting a condition to "Yes" will show the secondary questions for that condition in all cases.

Process Client Special Needs Page

Displays an error message if NONE of the questions are answered and a user attempts to save the page.

If you have any questions about these enhancements, please contact the Pathways Technical Assistance/Training Team at or at 866-818-1032, option 2.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Report/Export Updates:

Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export:
• A new column has been added to the Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export. The column title is Reason_Denied and it is placed immediately to the right of the Outcome column. If the outcome is "Service Not Provided" the Reason_Denied column contains the reason selected by the user, if any. If no reason is selected, or if the Outcome is anything other than "Service Not Provided", then this column will be blank.

Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export:
• The RACE column in the Service Records + Basic Client Demographics export has been corrected to display the Race properly.
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG):
• The Emergency Solutions Grant report (ESG) have been released to the Production system.
Program Enrollment and Discharge Export:
• The Program Enrollment and Discharge (PED) export and the AHAR Alerts (AA) export have both been updated to add a business rule to the NO_ADULT_IN_HH column (PED) and the INDIVIDUAL_CHILD column (AA). If a child is directly enrolled in a program and then an adult is directly enrolled in the same program with a later Entry Date, the child is now being flagged with a “Y” in these columns.

Even though the AHAR and the APR reports both treat such a child correctly, the fact that the child was enrolled before any adult in the household is considered a condition that should be flagged for review by the agency.