Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Pathways announces the Release of V5.15.0.4. This release includes enhancements for capturing Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing (HPRP) data and system corrections. Additional details are outlined below:

HPRP enhancements:

Service Transaction Page

Previous: The links to record services were named New Non-HPRP Services and New HPRP Services

Current: The links to record services have been renamed to New Services and HPRP Services.

HPRP Preferred Services Page

Previous: This required Agency Admin to setup HPRP Preferred Services based upon funding.

Current: The Agency Admin no longer has to set up the HPRP Preferred Services. The HPRP service/taxonomy code relationship will now be hardcoded. All HPRP Programs will use the same HPRP service/taxonomy codes. These services will appear when selecting the ellipse button on the HPRP Services Page. These specific codes can be found at www.pcni.info on the Forms, Documents and Videos page.

HPRP Service Transactional Page

Previous: The Service End date could be any date in the future.

Current: The Service End Date cannot exceed 90 days form Service Begin Date.

Previous: There were no provisions to indicate time spent with a client on the HPRP Service Page.

Current: The Services Case Management time field has been added to the HPRP Services Page.

Previous: Financial Services did not require a Financial Amount to be entered.

Current: Financial Services Amount is a required field if an HPRP Financial Service Need has been selected.

Previous: No Disbursement and Referral options were available on the HPRP Services page

Current: Disbursement and Referral options have been added to the HPRP Services page.

HPRP Program Enrollment Page:

Previous: Capturing County where service was provided was not available.

Current: On the Program Enrollment Page, a County drop down list will provide the ability to capture the county in which the person received the HPRP service.

HPRP Program Discharge Page

Previous: Program Discharge page previously allowed discharging of multiple programs at one time.

Current: Program discharge has changed to a single select radio button and each Program Discharge must be completed one at a time.

Previous: The Pre-Populate Selection check box was previously visible.

Current: The Pre-Populate Selection check box has been removed.

Previous: HPRP Program Discharge Page fields were editable.

Current: HPRP fields are no longer editable on the HPRP Program Discharge Page.

Previous: Financial Service, and Housing Relocation & Stabilization Start Date and End Date were visible on the HPRP Program Discharge Page.

Current: Financial Service and Housing Relocation & Stabilization Start Date, and End

Date have been removed

Previous: The Financial amount for each category not shown on the HPRP Program Discharge Page.

Current: The Financial amount for each category of Financial HPRP Service will be displayed.

Previous: The Total financial amount for Financial Assistance was visible and editable.

Current: The Total Financial amount for Financial Assistance will be visible but not editable.

Other Enhancements

Previous: Multiple Funding Sources could be selected for an HPRP Program.

Current: Only one Funding Source can be selected for each HPRP Program.

If there are additional question, contact the Technical Assistance and Training Team at 404-639-9933 option 2 or 866-818-1032 option 2.

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