Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pathways Announces Release of Enrollment-Activated Follow Ups

Pathways Announces Enrollment-Activated Follow Ups

Pathways announces the release of V5.15.0.22. This release includes an enhancement to the Program Follow Ups and Outcomes feature.

Agency Administrators are now able to set up Program Follow Ups and Program Follow Up Outcomes that are activated by a Program Enrollment. Previously there was only the option to set up Program Follow Ups and Outcomes activated by Program Discharge.

Enrollment Activated Program Follow Ups and Outcomes Schedules:
• Navigate to the Agency Program Maintenance page and enter the appropriate value in the Activated By drop down list (Enrollment, Discharge, or Both).
• If Both are chosen, then two schedule entries or Outcomes will be created, one for Enrollment and one for Discharge. From that point on, the two entries will be independent of each other.
• The Follow Ups activated by enrollment will appear on the Client’s Programs page immediately upon enrollment, and will show as “Pending” until the Follow Up is due.

Existing Program Follow Ups Schedules:
• All currently defined Follow Ups have automatically been converted to Discharge-Activated, and therefore will continue to work exactly the same as before.

Other than what is described above, Enrollment-Activated Follow Ups and Outcomes work exactly the same as Discharge-Activated ones.

Program Follow Ups and Outcomes Reports:
• The Program Follow Ups and Outcomes export has been modified to show whether the Follow Up record was activated by an Enrollment or a Discharge.
• The current Program Follow Up / Outcomes Summary report will be replaced by two reports. The first will show Follow Ups that are due or past due. The second will show Outcomes that have been entered (with totals). These reports will be available one week from now.

If you need more information, please contact the Pathways Support Team, 404-639-9933 option 2 or 866-818-1032 option 2 or

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