Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pathways Announces the Release of V5.16.86

This release addresses the editing procedures for special needs specifically for program entry and program exit records. Also this release modifies the Zip Code field. Below each change is outlined. This release is anticipated to be available in the next couple of days (upon completion of final testing).

Adding or Updating Special Needs for Program Entry or Program Exit:

To view the tutorial follow this sequence: Go to > Training > Guides, Manuals and Tutorials > Scroll to the bottom and click on Updating Special Needs, or follow these steps to update a Special Needs record.

1. Search and activate the client record (by clicking on the General Link from the Results List).
2. Click on the Program link under the Client Visit Menu.
3. Click edit next to the Program.
4. As shown below, click on the Click HERE to add or edit SPECIAL NEEDS information link.

When either Special Needs at Program Entry or Special Needs at Program Exit link is clicked, a pop up window will display the same information as the Special Needs page itself.

If a Special Needs record is linked to the program, its values will be shown (subject to User Access Rights restrictions noted below). If there is no record, all option buttons will be empty (referred to as “a blank page”).

Note: User Access Rights
If the Special Needs check box on the Agency User Maintenance page is not selected, then the Special Needs link on the Update Program section will not display.

Zip Code changes:

We added some business rules to the Zip Code Quality (where you say “Full Zip Code” vs. Don’t Know, etc.) field and the Zip Code field itself (where you put the actual digits).

* If there is no zip code record (missing), then the Quality field defaults to (Select), and Zip Code field is disabled.·

* If Full Zip Code is selected, then Zip Code is enabled AND required.·

* If Don’t Know or Refused is selected, then Zip Code is disabled and any digits that were there are deleted.·

* There is one exception on the Program Enrollment and Program Edit page – Zip Code Quality and Zip Code are only required if the Housing Status is Literally Homeless or In Imminent Danger.

* We have implemented these rules across all four instances where Zip Codes occur – General Info page, Process General Info page, Program Enrollment page, and the Program Edit page.

For additional information, contact support at or 404-639-9933 x2

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