Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Report/Export Updates:

Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export:
• A new column has been added to the Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export. The column title is Reason_Denied and it is placed immediately to the right of the Outcome column. If the outcome is "Service Not Provided" the Reason_Denied column contains the reason selected by the user, if any. If no reason is selected, or if the Outcome is anything other than "Service Not Provided", then this column will be blank.

Service Information + Basic Client Demographics export:
• The RACE column in the Service Records + Basic Client Demographics export has been corrected to display the Race properly.
Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG):
• The Emergency Solutions Grant report (ESG) have been released to the Production system.
Program Enrollment and Discharge Export:
• The Program Enrollment and Discharge (PED) export and the AHAR Alerts (AA) export have both been updated to add a business rule to the NO_ADULT_IN_HH column (PED) and the INDIVIDUAL_CHILD column (AA). If a child is directly enrolled in a program and then an adult is directly enrolled in the same program with a later Entry Date, the child is now being flagged with a “Y” in these columns.

Even though the AHAR and the APR reports both treat such a child correctly, the fact that the child was enrolled before any adult in the household is considered a condition that should be flagged for review by the agency.

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