Thursday, July 24, 2008


Perhaps you've read about PATHWAYS COMPASS, or you've attended a user class... but you still need to know more about how the system works. Pathways has introduced a new series of online videos that walk you through the PATHWAYS COMPASS system's basic functions. The topics of the first three videos are:
  • Client Search - a demonstration of how to use the PATHWAYS COMPASS system to search for people who have received services in your community
  • Program Enrollment - learn how to enroll a client in a program and record a service for that client in one transaction
  • Program Discharge - a demonstration of how to discharge a client from one or more programs.
Click here to view the videos. If you are a system user and you would like more information after viewing the videos, call our support team at 866-818-1032 x308. If you aren't a system user, Tommy Phillips will be glad to answer your questions. He can be reached at 866-818-1032 x305 or at tommy.phillips at

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