Monday, February 23, 2009

Community Collaboration

The term collaboration is bandied about a great deal today. The word collaboration can be interpreted in different ways, and collaborations can take a different form in every community.

Collaborations can be viewed as situations where one party wins and one party loses or where both sides settle for a compromise. If the right people are brought together in a very constructive way, with the appropriate information, they can create visions and strategies that address their joint problems and concerns. When these collaborations include organizations, civic leaders and other community members who have a stake in the same problems, they can more effectively create positive change.

Pathways supports community collaboration with technology designed to meet the diverse needs of human services organizations. Pathways is a not for profit organization with more than 10 years of history working with state and local governments, emergency assistance organizations, homeless service providers and other human services agencies. We understand the issues nonprofits face, such as limited staffing, so our systems are designed to help you do more with limited resources,

Our PATHWAYS COMPASS Community Information Sharing System helps more social services consumers to find a path to success by enhancing collaboration between social service organizations.

Every day, agencies and communities using PATHWAYS COMPASS work collaboratively and effectively by:

  • Instantly sharing information on services consumers receive
  • Electronically tracking referrals between agencies (via email and paper forms)
  • Securely and conveniently maintaining internal client records
  • Easily collecting & producing community data for local and national funders
  • Generating ongoing unduplicated counts of local residents in need, including special populations such as the homeless
  • Uniformly collecting client assessment and outcome measurement data at human services organizations across the community
  • Providing a community-wide view of program and service utilization
Pathways would like to work with your collaboration to see how PATHWAYS COMPASS can propel you to meet the increasing compliance demands of your funders, clients, regulators, partners, providers... even in these challenging economic times.

Tommy Phillips, Director, Community Partnerships

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