Friday, September 4, 2009

PATHWAYS COMPASS Updates and Issues

The Pathways Systems Team is continually working to enhance and improve the PATHWAYS COMPASS Community Information Sharing System. Here's a list of the new features that will be available in the next few months, and the system bugs that the team is working to resolve:

Upcoming Releases
v6.0 - New Navigation, updated database connection scheme, Outcomes 2.5 (available 9/30/09)
v6.1 - HPRP Rapid Data Entry/ID Card Scanning (available 10/29/09)
v6.2 - Dashboards, Care Management Pathways, new data center servers (available 12/10/09)
v6.3 - HMIS data standards update/all remaining elements (available 12/31/09)

As always, we will provide full details on everything included in each release as each new system version is made available to you. Just look for information on the right side of the PATHWAYS COMPASS Log-in Page.

The Pathways Systems Team is also at work addressing the following technical issues:
  • Service Records sometimes fail to save if no homelessness information exists
  • Agency Program Page reflects the wrong number of enrolled clients
  • Services are automatically entered on initial residence record creation
  • Inaccurate "disabling condition" warning
  • Multiple issues with zip code input
  • Agency admin cant activate medhelp permissions in user profile
Work on the following issues was completed recently, but we must finish testing our work before we can make it available to you.
  • Inconsistant/incorrect results - HUD APR and Program Profile reports
Thank you for supporting Pathways and letting us know how we can better serve you. Contact us anytime with your suggestions and requests. You can reach our Technical Assistance and Training Team at 866-818-1032 option 2, or at

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