Tuesday, September 1, 2009

PATHWAYS Announces the Release of V5.14.0.1

This release will include the new HPRP Program Descriptor data elements. Only the data elements that require Agency Administrator configuration are described here. To save space, other new data elements that are visible, but NOT configurable by the Agency Administrator are not described here. These elements will be set automatically or by Pathways Staff. These are the data elements that require Agency Admin configuration:

Program Site Configuration:
The Program Site Configuration has been modified and this information will be located on the Agency Site record. The new options are as follows:

Single site, single building.
Single site, multiple buildings.
Multiple sites (replaces "Scattered").

Site Type Information:
The current Site Type information is located on the Site record and will be enhanced. Site Type will now include Special Needs Only in addition to the selections of Admin, Beds, and Services.

Housing Type:
Housing Type is new and has been added to the Site record. The new types are:

Mass shelter/barracks
Shared housing
Single Room Occupancy (SRO)
Single apartment (non SRO) units
Single homes/townhouses/duplex
Not applicable; non-residential program

Program Type Code:
The Program Type Code has been modified to include the Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing option.

New Program Types:
Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing
Safe Haven
Permanent Housing (e.g., Mod Rehab SRO, subsidized housing without services)

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing should be used to identify the Program as HPRP. In addition, you will need to create separate programs for each type of funding your agency receives (such as Prevention vs. Re-Housing). Finally, you will need to create separate programs for each jurisdiction you agency receives funding from, for example:

HPRP Financial Asst – Jurisdiction A
HPRP Financial Asst – Jurisdiction B

Bed & Unit Inventory:
Additional bed capacity questions will be added to the current residential Program Types for: Emergency, Transitional Housing, Permanent Supportive Housing, Permanent Housing, Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing, Overflow and Voucher Assistance.

These elements are:

Household Type- Households without children, Households with children
Bed Type- Facility-based, Voucher, Other
Availability- Year-round, Seasonal (Emergency Shelters Only), Overflow
Bed Inventory
CH (Chronic Homeless) Bed Inventory- (Permanent Supportive Housing Programs Only)
Unit Inventory
Inventory Start and End Dates
HMIS Participating Beds
HMIS Participating Start and End Dates

Household Type:
The Household Type data element has been modified. You will only be allowed to select one option per Program. Below are the new Household types:

SM Single Males (18 years and older)
SF Single Females (18 years and older)
SMF Single Males and Females (18 years and older)
CO Couples Only, No Children
SM+HC Single Males and Households with Children
SF+HC Single Females and Households with Children
HC Households with Children
YM Unaccompanied Young Males (under 18)
YF Unaccompanied Young Females (under 18)
YMF Unaccompanied Young Males and Females (under 18)
SMF+HC Single Male and Female and Households with Children
Families headed by 2 parents, with at least 1 > 18
Families headed by 2 parents, with both < 18

Special Needs/targeted:
The Special Needs that are targeted by the program (if any) are located on the Program Profile. Only one Special Need Targeted per Program will be allowed. If your program targets more than one Special Need, you should choose the primary target. The choices are:

DV: Domestic Violence victims
VET: Veterans
HIV: Persons with HIV/AIDS
NA: Not Applicable
Chronically Homeless (HUD Definition)
Severely Mentally Ill
Substance Abuse (Alcohol &/or Drugs)
Other Disability
Elderly (ages 62 and older)
Illiterate or Marginally Literate
Criminal History
At risk of Homelessness

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