Friday, February 19, 2010

The Latest AIRS Taxonomy is in place...

Pathways recently implemented the latest AIRS Taxonomy, the list of Client "Needs" that we use for our Service records. Among the changes in the new Taxonomy are:

• Over 2000 additional Service Need Codes and Descriptions
• The Service Code format has more digits to accommodate the new codes
• Some Service Descriptions have been reworded slightly for clarity. Some obsolete ones have been removed.

These changes for the most part are transparent to the end user. No modifications to any agency's Preferred Services List are required. Agency Administrators should review their Preferred Services List and make sure it is suitable for your agency's needs. It may well be that a description you could not find before is now available to you!

When viewing the Preferred Services Page or when searching for a Service Need Code, please note that the Service Need Code has been extended from 3 digits to 4 digits. For example PH-100 - Case/Care Management is now PH-1000 and BH-390.310 - Housing Search Assistance is now BH-3900.3100, and so on.

If a Service Need Code was changed, the agency that was impacted by the change will be notified. For example, the old code BH-180.900 – Post Shelter Housing has been removed and replaced with BH-8600 - Transitional Housing/Shelter.

If you have any additional questions on the latest AIRS Taxonomy codes, please contact the Support Team at 404-639-9933 option 2, 866-818-1032 option 2, or

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