Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pathways releases the Agency System Utilization Report

This report is a high level summary of activity for the entire agency on the items listed below. To access this report you must have access to the Summary Reports.

To run this report, go to Reports>Summary>Agency Monitoring>System Utilization Report. Enter the Begin and End Dates for the report and click Run.
The report contains information on the entire agency for:

New Authorizations
Number of Service Transactions
Number of Program Enrollments
Number of Program Discharges
Number of Barriers to Housing Stability Assessments (BHSA)
Number of Goals Created
Number of Goals Updated
Number of Clients with Status Indicators Updated

Additionally information is captured for each Program set up by the agency which includes:

Program Type
Bed Capacity
In Program on Last Day
Total Enrolled During the Period
Average Daily or Nightly Program Occupancy
Total Discharges During the Period
Average Length of Program Enrollment for People Discharged
Total Services associated with Programs
Bed Utilization

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