Friday, September 17, 2010

Pathways announces the release of V5.16.45

Effective Tuesday, September 21st, 2010 Release V5.16.45 will be available. Release V5.16.45 addresses updates and fixes to the Finance page, the Employment History page, and the Information & Referral (I&R) function within the system. See below for more details.

Finance and Employment Page Updates:

• The End Dates on the Cash Income Sources and Amounts and the Non-Cash Information sections of the Client Finance page have been removed. These dates were not being used to calculate the cash income actually received in the prior thirty days, so showing them was confusing to users.

• Clarified the message that appears on the Employment page if the actual Earned Income for the last thirty days from the client’s Finance page is not the same as the total current monthly wages amount on the Employment Page. The message now reads as shown below:

Earned Income for the last 30 days from the Client Income page is $1.00
This amount does not equal the Total Employment amount for the Active Client. It is NOT REQUIRED that they must match. If you want to make the two totals match, you can...
o Add any missing employment history information to this page,
o Delete or modify the employment history information on this page,
o Click here to correct the Verified Date and Earned Income amount on the Finance page

Note: The Total Employment Income and Total Earned Income are not the same. The Finance page shows the actual cash received during the thirty days prior to the Verification Date (which could include wages for a partial month), while the Employment page shows the total monthly wages paid by the employer(s) the client works for as of today. Therefore, there is no requirement that the two numbers must be the same.

Finance Page Fixes:

• Would save the Start Date and Amount even when “No” was selected on the Cash Income Sources and Amounts page. This information is now only saved if “Yes” is selected.
• The Cancel button problem has been resolved on the Client Employment Page. This button behaves properly by returning to the page without saving.
• Changed the wording “looking for job” to “looking for a job” on the Client Employment Status section of the Client Finance page. The word “a” was missing.

Information & Referral (I&R) updates:

Before, any Service Code and Description used by an agency would appear on the agency’s I&R Services Provided list, even if the agency only used that Code for referrals to other agencies. Now, the Code will not appear on the list if its only use is for referrals.

Before, if a Service Code was on the agency’s Preferred Services list it would appear on the agency’s Services Provided list in the Agency’s I&R listing, even if the Referral flag was “pre-set” in the Preferred Services list. Now, such services will not appear on the Services Provided list.

To state the above rules another way, the Services Provided List for an agency will be populated with a Service Code ONLY IF:
• That Service has been provided in the last 90 days without a Referral flag, or
• The Service appears on the agency Preferred Services page without the Referral flag turned on.

Any Service Codes and Descriptions that are currently on an Agency’s Services Provided list but are actually only used for referrals will be removed effective the date of the release.

If you have additional questions, contact the Support Team at 404-639-9933 option 2 or 866-818-1032 option 2

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