Friday, February 25, 2011

Pathways Announces the Release of V5.16.57

This release addresses updates relating to the Client Housing Status.

Several fields are updated on the General Information, Program Enrollment, Program Discharge and Program Record Editing pages (via the Programs command on the Client Visit menu). These fields are: As Of Date, Housing Status, Chronic Homeless, Zip Code (Quality field and Zip Code itself), Prior Night’s Residence and Length of Stay.

In all cases, Client Housing Status is kept separately for each agency, so only Client Status fields entered by the agency in session are used. Client Housing Status fields entered by another agency are ignored.

General Information Page update:The most recent Client Housing Status entered by the agency in session on the General Information Page displays on the General Information page.

Program Enrollment and Program Record Editing:During program enrollment, the most current Client Housing Status will show on Process Program Enrollment Information page as the default value.

Program Discharge and Program Editing:
On the Program Discharge page the most current Client Housing Status recorded by the agency will show as the default values. (Although only Housing Status is shown, all other Housing Status values will be stored and visible on the General Information page – as long as the Program Exit Date becomes the most recent “As Of Date”).

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