Friday, May 6, 2011

Change to the Current HUD APR for Directly and Indirectly Served

Effective May 12th, 2011 the current HUD APR Format Program Entry Report for Directly and Indirectly Served Clients will no longer include the detailed list of client keys in the Reporting Period Occupancy section.

This change is due to the overwhelming amount of data that is being displayed (sometimes in excess of a year), the number of report pages that must be transmitted, and the connection speed of the user’s network. This situation has contributed to the excessive turnaround time issues we have been having with our reports server and we are confident this change will ease the problems that some users have been experiencing. This move has been implemented to ensure that all reports run in a more timely fashion.

The HUD APR Entry report will now only include the questions that correspond to the HUD programming requirements, plus the Average Daily Occupancy and the Average Nightly Occupancy.

The portion of the Reporting Period Occupancy Detail section which includes Client Key, Entry Date, Exit Date, and Night’s Credited will be removed. The list of client keys enrolled in agency programs, Entry and Exit Dates is available through the Program Enrollment & Discharge Data Export.

If you have further questions on this change, please contact the Support Team at

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