Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Community Card Update

More than six thousand people are using Pathways new Community Card to get faster access to services they need, while the organizations serving them dramatically reduce time spent on data entry.

The Pathways Community Card system provides a complete solution to communities: providing client ID cards, unlimited card scanning capabilities, a program validation process and automated service transaction creation. Development of the scanning module was underwritten by the Fulton County Department of Health and Human Services (FCHHS) and piloted at the county’s Jefferson Place housing and case management programs.

“Implementation of the card scan function at Jefferson Place has increased efficiency in our day-to-day tasks,” said Shenelle Smith, FCHHS Systems Manager. “Our staff is now able to document consumer services in record time.”

The card scan module allows organizations to:
● quickly process repetitive service transactions at high volume sites; i.e. food banks, soup kitchens, clothing closets
● confirm that clients qualify for services they are receiving
● decrease data entry errors and increase staff productivity
● improve data quality by reducing the number of duplicate client records
● itemize costs associated with each service and analyze how each of these costs contributes to successful outcomes

“Although we have not implemented the cost association as yet, through the program/service association we were able to redefine available program services, which improved the overall service delivery to our customers,” Smith said.

For more information about the Community Card, contact Tommy Phillips at 404-639-9933 x305.

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