Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pathways Announces the Release of V5.16.80

Pathways Compass version V5.16.80 has been released. It includes system error fixes and an enhancement to the Programs page.

This release includes the following fixes and enhancement:
• Ability to update finance information on the Programs page,
• The Residential page
• Housing Status at program entry correction on HPRP Summary page
• Finance Script that associates Finance information to Program Entry and Program Exit/Discharge

The changes are outlined below:
Ability to update Finance information on the Program page:
The User now has the ability to update, correct, or add financial information that is directly tied to either the Program Entry record and/or the Program Discharge record. When updating, correcting or adding financial information, the Date Verified field must be populated.

To access this page: Activate the client record. Under the Client Menu, click Programs. Click on the edit icon. In the Program Entry Info area, click the link within the message “Click HERE to add or edit finance information.” This same message will be visible in the Program Exit Info area only if the client has been discharged from the program.

This functionality requires that the client has previously been enrolled in a Program and that the Program record has not been deleted by the User (that is, a Program record exists for the client).

Residential Page:
The Zip Code of Last Permanent Address field and the Last Night’s Residence field were previously moved from the Residence page to the General Information page. Both fields have now been collected on the General Information page and during Program Enrollment for a long time, so the original “versions” of the Residence page within a Process that were used to collect this information are obsolete and have been removed from the system. From now on, the only page within a Process you will see will be the “standard” Household Residence page.
Additionally, to make it possible to include the page in a Process without having to add a new Residence record each time, the Skip button has been added back to this page.

Under certain conditions, when selecting a Residence Type, the full list was not displaying. This issue has been resolved.

Housing Status:
Housing Status at Program Entry on HPRP Summary Page was displaying differently in two sections. This issue has been resolved and both sections now display the same information.

Finance Script:
As a result of the changes Pathways previously made in associating Finance records to Program Entry and Program Discharge records, a script has been run that examined all those persons that were still enrolled in a Program as of January 1, 2010 and has associated the best Finance record available to either the Program Entry or the Program Discharge record. This change should be reflected in the reports.

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