Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pathways Announces The Release of V5.17.05

This release includes a system correction and several change requests.

System error fixes:
• Case 11778 has been resolved. The Assessment export now includes the last day of the reporting period.

• The document upload on the General Information Page no longer list the user that uploaded the document.

System change request completed:
• Case 11844 has been resolved: Within the intake Process, on the Process Household Residence Information screen, the “Save” button has been removed and the "NEXT" button perform s the following action:
o 1) If the user has not changed any field on the page, the button will navigate to the next page in the process without attempting to save the record, as if it was a Skip.
o 2) If the user has modified one or more fields on the page, the button will validate that all required fields have been entered, then do a Save, and then navigate to the next page in the process.

• Case 12377 has been resolved. On the Agency Service Item Maintenance page the Print Barcode button is misspelled. “Barocde” has been changed to “Barcode”.

• The Community Card now verifies if a Clients Authorization has expired or has no authorization prior to allowing a scan to continue and allows the user to update this information during the scanning process.

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