Monday, September 30, 2013

Pathways Release V5.17.06

Release V5.17.06 addresses system corrections and requests as outlined below. These changes will be reflected in the system effective October 2nd, 2013.

System Corrections/Requests Resolved:

Case 12366 – Region Admins cannot assign community reports
The ability for Region Administrators to assign Community Report access to users within their CoC has been restored.
Case 12390- Family Enrollment page looks like it allows an existing client to be enrolled twice and adds additional follow-ups.
If a client is currently enrolled in a program, a check box for that client will no longer display during a later family enrollment for another client in the same household. This will also prevent multiple follow-up records from being created.

Case 12783- Program Discharge Page message incorrect
On Program Discharge Page the HPRP Reference for Housing Status has been removed and has been replaced with “required for residential programs”

Case12669 – SSVF Services Information Page
On the SSVF Service Information page, the HPRP error reference has been replaced with, “this SSVF service transaction cannot be created because this client is not in an SSVF Program or the SSVF Program has no SSVF Funding Source specified.

Case 12710 and 12813 Veteran Page radio buttons disappear
The issues with the Branch of Military radio buttons disappearing when selecting a Branch or when coming back in to edit have been resolved.

Case 12461 – Family Enrollment – Disabling Condition and Chronically Homeless

Disabling Condition and Chronically Homeless values are no longer tied to the active client when conducting a family enrollment. However, if the active client in the household is disabled and has been chronically homeless, the whole household will be considered chronically homeless for reporting purposes.

Case 12498 – Adding Mobile Phone Number when clicking on the Process link

When clicking on “Process” to update client information, the Contact Information page now has the Mobile option. This information is also available on the Residential page from the Client menu.

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