Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pathways announces the release of V5.11.1.0

PATHWAYS COMPASS system users:
Below are key highlights of enhancements and system error corrections that have been implemented in the PATHWAYS COMPASS system.

Enhancements Added:

Login time extended
After an existing user receives a new password from an administrator, the user now has four days to login before the system automatically inactivates her/him. Previously the user had until midnight that same night.

System error corrections:

Reports: Filtered Reports
Problem: Not able to see all options of filtered report.
On reports that allowed users to filter you can only see 5 need codes in the box that contains the available values and can't scroll down to see more. The only way to see more codes is to move the visible ones to the selected values box, which removes them up in the available values box. This would then allow 5 more to be selected.
Resolution: A vertical scroll bar has been added to allow users the ability to scroll down if the list exceeds what is visible in the window.

Customized Intake: Database Error
Problem: Database error message occurs during the Intake process.
A database error occurs if the following conditions occur:
1. Intake new client using Customized Intake
2. Make an error on the Process General Information page, such as Chronic Homeless = Yes and Disabling Condition = No
3. Click Next, error message displays, click Back
4. Correct the error, such as change Chronic Homeless to No
5. Click Next, the Authorization page displays.
6. Set Authorization on File = Yes and click Save.
Database Error occurs, the client is not saved.
Resolution: When the above conditions are met, the error no longer occurs and the client record is saved properly.

Client Progress Link: HSS Indicators
Problem: HSS Indicators under Progress can be deleted by users.
Users can edit an Indicator, and then Save without entering any Status. However, if they do so, the entire indicator is deleted and no longer visible.
Resolution: The HSS Indicator cannot be saved unless Status is entered. Therefore, none of the HSS Indicators can be deleted by a system user. Every user will always see the Housing, Employment, and Income/Benefits Indicators.

Search page: Mass discharge
Problem: Mass discharge does not delete clients from the Program Roster report.
The mass discharge function properly clears clients from programs (so they no longer appear in program related searches) but the Program Roster report still shows them as being enrolled.
Resolution: When the mass discharge function is used the clients will no longer appear on the Program Roster Report.

Program Profile: Program Description
Problem: The system user would get a database error when entering a long Program Description.
Resolution: The system will not allow a user to put more than 100 characters in the Description field of the Program Profile. Therefore, no pop-up message is generated upon Saving because a user can no longer make the error.

Program Profile: Winter/Seasonal Shelter Questionnaire
Problem: Program Profile Winter/Seasonal Questionnaire doesn't display correctly.
When you select Winter/Seasonal Shelter Program Type and click Save, the Winter/Seasonal Questionnaire doesn't completely display. All that shows is the 2 vertical menus on the left side and the title "Program Type Questionnaire."
Resolution: This page now displays correctly.

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