Thursday, March 26, 2009

Password Hints

As a member of the Pathways Support Team, I have observed that many users seem to experience "password blocks" when creating their PATHWAYS COMPASS password.  

Below you will find a series of suggestions that may help:
  1. Your password needs to be 8-14 characters long
  2. It should include at least 1 number
  3. You cannot use your User Id, your name or your agency's name in your password choice
  4. Use a password that is personal and unique to you, and hard for others to guess; i.e., dream destination or vacation location, etc.
  5. As opposed to creating a brand new password every 60 days, when your password expires, try moving the number.  For example: bahamas77 can be changed to 77bahamas
We don't suggest passwords, but whatever you choose...Please don't forget it!  

April Lockett, Technical Assistance/Training Specialist
Technical Assistance and Training Team

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