Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Release V5.12.1

Pathways has Released V5.12.1. This release merged the Goals under the Goal Command with the Goals under the Progress Command. Additional details are outlined below:

System Enhancements:

Goals that had previously been entered using the Goals Command in the Client Visit menu has been merged with the Goals entered using the Progress Command, which is also under the Client Visit Menu. The Goals command has been unassigned for all users and should no longer be used.

To conform to the new Goals page users will be required to fill in additional fields the first time they edit the most current merged Goal. These fields are Goal Domain, Goal Type and Achievement Level.

Previously entered Goals will display with the value “Inactive” for Goal Domain, Goal Type, and Achievement Level under the Show History Link. The most recent Goals under each Goal Domain also displays in the Summary Area and can be edited from there.

If there are additional question, contact the Support Team at 404-639-9933 option 2 or 866-818-1032 option 2.

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